Coaching Testimonials

Below is a selection of coaching testimonials.  They have been sent to me by my clients after, or during, a course of sessions.

First, some reassurance about my qualifications.  I regularly engage in various forms of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to keep my skills current and continually developing.

I am a life-time member of, and accredited by, The Coaching Academy.  

I am also a member of the UK-based Association for Coaching and the International Coach Federation.

The relevant qualifications I hold are:

  • Certificate: Coaching Skills
  • Certificate: Counselling Skills
  • Degree: BSc (Hons)
  • Diploma: Personal Performance Coaching
  • Certificate: Coaching Supervision
  • Advanced Diploma: Coaching
Clients are welcome to visit me to view my certificates, if they so wish.

Coaching Testimonials:


Life coaching sessions with Mary have literally transformed my life.

One of the great benefits was that they provided me with much needed structure and clarity. As a direct result of Mary’s coaching I went froma middle management position to being Managing Director.

Amongst other things, coaching has given me the psychological space to pursue interests and activities outisde work and family; given me time to focus on my relationship with my long-term partner; and assisted me with the production of my life-plan.

As a result I would recommend Mary’s coaching service to everyone!

– – Rhian Davies


The coaching sessions I had with Mary were very professional and had a huge impact on my life.

I was finally able to gain clarity and motivation to improve many things I had been unhappy with earlier.

I was able to stop smoking and also improve my health, well -being and happiness. Other things we worked on were confidence and time management issues, where I also made massive improvements. Mary was very supportive and also challenged me, so I could gain more rapid results.

I will always be grateful for the coaching I received, and would highly recommend Mary as a coach.

– – Orjan Krane


When I first started coaching with Mary, I was stuck in a very demoralising situation. Lots of things were either getting worse, or going nowhere.

In the first few sessions we set various goals to get my environment to the stage where I didn’t dread going home.  Once that was done we moved onto personal improvement.

What I found most uplifting was not just the extra things I was doing in life, but that Mary helped me see how many things I was already doing that I should have been pleased with. Previously I was looking through a very negative filter.

Now that I have completed our series of coaching sessions, I feel much happier about how things are, and really hopeful about my future.

– – Kevin Hackett


My coaching experience was brilliant. I felt calm, valued and in control throughout.

Mary’s ability to ask thought-provoking questions led me to discover new goals and achieve clarity on them, with ease. Her skills in listening are a great asset to her and her prowess in bringing me clarity is ground-breaking.

I would thoroughly recommend her as a coach, as through her style of coaching, I have made changes in some very important areas of my life. Thank you!

– – Shireen Nawaz


I was very fortunate to experience coaching with Mary and found this to be a very powerful experience.

Due to Mary’s optimistic and energetic personality, we soon established rapport, which helped me feel at ease. Through the use of carefully chosen questions, Mary was able to move me forwards.

She also challenged me to grow even more,
to really believe in myself and achieve success.

After this experience I can honestly say that Mary will provide you an excellent coaching service.

Choosing Mary as your coach will be a step towards achieving the life you want.

– – Melanie Chan


Coaching for me is a real breakthrough in achieving what I want in life.

Looking back over our sessions I have gone on to achieve all the things I set out to do. Coaching with Mary allows you to focus and make a commitment to achieving all the things you want.

I would like to thank Mary for her professionalism and commitment to me during my coaching path.

– – Waleed Khan


I began coaching with Mary at a time when I was attempting to completely change my life, in terms of career and lifestyle. It felt like a very daunting and complicated task!

Coaching from Mary enabled me to gain  greater clarity around what I really want and what is important to me.

This resulted in me learning to drive and passing my test first time (something I had been putting off for many years). It also helped me to find a new direction in my career and to have greater self-belief in what I could achieve.

In very practical terms, coaching helped me to manage my time better and prioritise my tasks during a very stressful period of conflicting demands on my time.

Consequently, I am now well on my way to being happy in the career and lifestyle I had been dreaming of.

In short, life coaching with Mary has enabled me to change my life.

– – Soraya Crowley

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