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Speaking on BBC Radio about ways to feel happier

Last night, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on BBC Radio.  I spoke about ways to feel happier and the work I do both as a life coach and in the community.

In the interview I talk about some of the steps people can take to feel happier, including helping people and how to focus on gratitude.

If you would like listen to it, there is a recording of the BBC Radio interview here:

Mary Speaking about Happiness on BBC Radio

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EDIT:  I did another interview, since making this entry, about SIMPLICITY.  You can listen to that one here:

Mary Speaking about Simplicity on BBC Radio

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If you have any questions about what I said, in either interview, please do get in touch.

Oh, I mentioned a couple of local charities in my first interview.  They both send out food and clothes to the homeless on the streets of Manchester.  Here are their details:

Mad Dogs:

Barakah Food Aid:

And the founders of Barakah Food Aid speaking on the Radio themselves:

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