Benefits of Coaching

Not convinced that happiness coaching, or being happy, is important?

Here’s the science bit – Benefits of Happiness Coaching, at home and at work:

– Increased energy and motivation to get things done
– Better Health – happy people get sick less often
– Greater creativity and optimism
– Higher resilience and consistency, in all areas
– Improved self-efficacy and decision-making skills
– Lower risk of mental health issues
– Happier people learn faster and tend to make fewer mistakes
– Happier people work better with others

Contact Mary now for more information about Happiness Coaching:

Most of Mary’s clients are successful educated professionals, e.g. small business owners, medical professionals, teachers, therapists and other coaches.  Read the testimonials on this site for an idea of what she has helped other people achieve.

Her clients are often people who, despite successes and accomplishments, perhaps feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied, unhappy or just feel the need for a ‘check-up from the neck-up’.

Other clients want to look at happiness as part of a re-evaluation of their life, perhaps following a major life-change like serious illness, relationship break-down, loss/change in career, or a bereavement.  They want to take a step back, re-examine their beliefs, world-view and life-plan and create a new, happy, future for themselves.

There are so many benefits of coaching – phone Mary for a no-obligation chat about how Happiness Coaching might help you to move forward:  07751 696 055.


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