Laughter Yoga as a way to Happiness?

Apparently it’s the latest thing….  Laughter Yoga is a form of Yoga specifically designed to improve well-being.

Laughter Yoga is a series of very simple breathing and clapping exercises, and laughter.

You might like to watch this 2 minute video about the benefits of laughter yoga.

Click here:

Fancy giving it a go?

As part of the happiness-related voluntary work I do,  I facilitate the Manchester Happiness Group.

Find us here:

For our next meeting, I have invited a Laugher Yoga Practitioner to give us a taster session.

Find out more and RSVP here:

Sounds fun – I can’t wait to try it.

You might be wondering how Laughter Yoga contributes to long-term happiness.  Practising it regularly achieves more than a short-term lifting of spirits.  This is because it taps into several of the keys to well-being that I mention in  my happiness report which you can download from this site.

Going to a class, especially a positive one, involves connecting with other people.  And engaging with others is one of the key things we can do more of to increase our feelings of happiness.  Another thing proven to make us feel better is doing any form of regular physical exercise, even something very low impact like walking or breathing exercises.

If you want to read more about the things you can do to feel better, download my report by clicking on the link top right on each page of this website.


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