Mary R. Crumpton, Happiness Coach

 Confidential telephone sessions with a fully qualified life-coach, who specialises in positive psychology


Sometimes it’s work stress and sometimes it’s worries at home – we all know what it’s like to feel a bit down and wish we were happier with life…

Maybe you’re at a crossroads asking yourself, “Is this all there is?”  – perhaps you’re quite successful, but still don’t feel happy, or satisfied with your life.

Mary is the person to come to when you want help to feel more fulfilled; either in one particular area of your life, or more generally.

Your sessions will be positive, structured conversations with clear, measurable outcomes – it’s like having a personal trainer, for the mind – Mary will help you to develop strategies, and take actions, that raise your Happiness level and improve your life.  So where a non-specialist coach might help you to live a better life; Mary will help you to live not only a better life, but a happier one!

Sessions are totally confidential and are conducted via the telephone, so you can be coached anywhere!  Coaching can also be done face-to-face (in Manchester UK), if you prefer.

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Not convinced that being happy is important?

Then click here to read about the real benefits of creating more Happiness in your life.

Many of Mary’s clients are successful educated professionals, e.g. business owners, executives, medical professionals, teachers, therapists and other coaches.  Read the testimonials on this site for an idea of the happiness she has helped other people achieve.

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The Small Print: 

Being unhappy with life, or being clinically depressed, are two very different things.  If you suspect that you may be suffering with clinical Depression, then please speak to your doctor and perhaps discuss referral to a counsellor / psychotherapist for that type of talking therapy.  –  Mary will be happy to discuss coaching you in the future, once you have received any treatment needed for Depression, and feel more stable and emotionally resilient  –  At that point coaching can be very beneficial to continue what the counselling started, by moving you further forwards and by increasing your overall happiness level.  

All of Mary’s sessions are fully confidential and, Mary abides by a clear code of ethics.  She undergoes regular supervision of her practice (as all professional therapists should), and is also a qualified supervisor herself.


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